Return to Sport Program

If you have had an injury to your hip, knee, or ankle and would like to know if it is safe for you to return to your sport you can call any of our locations to have a physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, or athletic trainer evaluate your readiness for return to play with our Sport Participation Assessment.

Following this assessment, we will identify readiness, which can include expanding your return to sport potential with participation in our Return to Sport Program. The goal of this program is to provide treatment to bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and return to sport. For ACL reconstructions, this program begins around 6-9 months post-operative and is typically a 6 weeks (12-18 session) program. This program includes high-level strength training, agility performance, and Sportsmetrics jump programming.

What to Expect

Athletes should begin this program following traditional rehabilitation when desiring to return to sport. For athletes who have had ACL reconstruction, this occurs typically around 6-9 months post-operation, after all appropriate goals have been met or restrictions have been lifted.

All athletes will begin with pre-testing with our Sport Readiness Assessment. After this assessment is performed, the athlete and skilled practitioner will determine the appropriate program based on the individual’s needs.

Who Would Benefit

Post Op ACL Rehabilitation Patients



The people who work here are REALLY friendly. So friendly, in fact, that sometimes I would look around and wonder if there was something in the water. They also happen to be great physical therapists, so that is a plus!

Evan H.