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The goal of this program is to provide treatment for post traditional ACL rehabilitation 6-9 months post-operatively through insurance or client pay.

An ACL Bridge Program is also offered that follows the Sportmetrics program with a Sportsmetrics certified physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, or athletic trainer. The ACL Bridge Program includes jumps, strength, and agility and is a 6 week (12-18 session) program.

Client pay rates will allow selection of sessions.

What to Expect

ACL rehabilitation patients should begin this program 6-9 months post operation, after all appropriate goals have been met or restrictions lifted.

Pre and post test assessments will be performed and will be discussed with the patient.

The physical therapist and patient will determine appropriate program based on equipment, space, and need.

This program can be run through insurance but, if benefits are exhausted client pay rates are available.

Who Would Benefit

Post Op ACL Rehabilitation Patients



You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for all you have done. I can tell you really care about what you do by the way you treat people and talk to them like regular people and just a patient. I’ll miss you a lot. It is nice to have my shoulder back. God bless.