Blood Flow Restriction

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training is a clinical treatment technique that uses a cuff similar to a standard blood pressure cuff to partially occlude blood flow. BFR allows patients to lift lighter loads than normal to achieve similar strength gains. It can be used for both upper and lower extremities and for a variety of diagnoses. BFR pressures and protocols are specific to each patient and their goals.

What to Expect

Your trained therapist will measure your individual limb occlusion pressure to determine an appropriate working pressure of your extremities. The blood pressure cuff will be inflated to that level at which point you will go through a protocol of either inflation and deflation of the cuff or performance of a pre-determined exercise to target the appropriate soft tissue.

Who Would Benefit

Generalized muscle atrophy or fractures

Pre or post-operative for total joints

Rotator cuff repairs

Ligamentous/meniscus repairs, sprains and strains


Chronic pain



My therapist, Perla, is supremely knowledgeable, compassionate, sensitive, and encouraging. As a hip replacement patient who had experienced complications, I was very motivated to get well, yet cautious about making my condition worse. Perla knew which exercises would help most and just how hard to push me. She has always been positive and professional while being warmly human and cheerful!


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