Fitness Athlete

There’s undoubtedly a sense of pride in being able to label yourself as a “CrossFitter”®, but when an injury occurs, you need someone who understands both your passions as well as your injury. Our therapists have been trained in the proper technique with heavy weight lifting movements, including the advanced Olympic lifting techniques. We are set up with the proper equipment to fully assess your positions and address any movement faults that may be causing pain or difficulty with participation in weight lifting and gymnastic-type of movements on a rig or rings. We are prepared to educated you in modifications or adaptations to help you continue to participate in these activities while addressing your deficits in an effort to return you to full participation in your endeavors.

What to Expect

With a full evaluation of your mobility and strength, your therapist will monitor your technique with weight lifting both under load and unloaded. We will assess where you may have limitations in either your strength and/or mobility that are causing pain and impairing your ability to participate in both recreational and competitive ventures such as CrossFit ® or Olympic lifting. Come to therapy prepared to move!

Who Would Benefit

CrossFit® Athletes

Olympic Lifters

“Weekend Warriors”

Aches or pains acquired in competition



You are all AMAZING!!! Amber and Jolene are the best! When Abbie became injured 1 1/2 years ago in dance- something she loved to do, she went through 3 doctors, another physical therapists, many painful procedures and finally found a Dr. Hedlund who sent us to Hulst Jepsen where she was blessed with 2 amazing therapist and their staff! Abbie thought she may never dance again! She had many ups and downs in her therapy but no one ever gave up on her. They always listened to her and helped her do her best! Now she has finished her therapy, is starting dance again in a few weeks, is auditioning for the Nutcracker and her dance team at school!!!


How Can We Help Treat Your Pain?