Golf Fitness Program

The Titleist Performance institute (TPI) was created to bridge the gap between the PGA professionals teaching golfers about their swing faults and the medical professionals who are able to determine the limitations that are hindering a golfer from reaching their full potential. Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy also utilizes concepts and theories developed by Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Active Release Techniques to evaluate and train golfers of any skill level.

What to Expect

You can expect 45-60 minutes of evaluation that covers entire body’s ability to move and stabilize as it relates to your golf swing. From that you will gain a better understanding of where you need to focus your exercise to make the most gains toward a more efficient golf swing. You will receive an email describing your physical findings, and a golf fitness handicap. If your golf fitness handicap is higher than your golf handicap, then you will make more improvement by focusing on your flexibility and strength, if your golf handicap is higher, then we would recommend you work with a PGA teaching professional on swing mechanics to improve your golf game. After the evaluation, you can decide what training routine works best for you.

If you have tried other ways to improve your golf game with limited success, or if you continue to have re-occurring injuries related to playing golf, you can probably benefit from seeing a TPI Certified Professional.

Who Would Benefit


Rotator cuff injury

Shoulder impingement syndrome

Post-surgical: Shoulder, Spine, Hip, Knee, Ankle


Thank you for your help in my recovery. Wade and Marla have certainly helped me with their therapy after the knee surgery and the broken arm. All of you have been extremely kind as you guided me through the various exercises that have re-energized the many muscles that have helped me walk and get close to normal again. Your smiles, encouragements, the family atmosphere has been very helpful throughout the process. It starts with the smile and welcome that Kayla gives each time I walk in the door. Thanks so much to each of you for your caring attitude.


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