Women's Equality & Equity in PT

Today is International Women’s Day; a day celebrated globally to highlight the achievements of women but also to make positive changes for women’s equality and equity. We are proud to do both things at Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy is a woman-dominated field with the American Physical Therapy Association reporting in 2019 that 65% of the profession is female. At Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy, we are proud to have 64% of our clinical staff represented by females. In addition to that, our Leadership and management group is 62% female. 13 of our 22 offices are managed or co-managed by women, 5 of our 22 offices have female assistant managers, and all of our departments are also managed by women. We are so proud of each of these women who have worked so hard to achieve these positions and all they bring to our company!

In addition to just “statistics” of women in our company, we think it’s important to celebrate women’s achievements, every day of the year but especially on International Women’s Day!

A few highlights from the last year:

· Dianna Kisner, ATC, celebrated 20 years of working in a secondary school!

· Kasey Eisenhardt was promoted from Marketing Specialist to our Director of Marketing!

· Brooke Case, DPT, was ranked as a top physical therapist in the 2023 GRKIDS Family Care Providers Guide!

· Jill Wiersma, DPT, CMPT, CIDN, opened our 21st clinic in Grand Haven last spring and was certified in Integrative Dry Needling!

· Bethany Coallier, HR Specialist, processed over 100 new hires in 2022 – our highest year yet!

· Nicky Ghareeb, PT, MOMT, DScPT, joined our company this year and is accomplishing her goal of building a successful program for treating lymphedema to fill a need in our community!

Part of International Women’s Day is making positive changes for women’s equality and equity. Workplaces can make a large difference in their employees’ lives by promoting these things. We are proud to do the following things but acknowledge that we will always be able to grow & change to continue to elevate women.

· Pay Equity: for all 22 years of Hulst Jepsen’s existence, our wages are not set based on gender and this will continue to remain the same.

· Parental Leave: we offer 12 weeks off for any new mother, by childbirth or by adoption. In 2023, we also have added paid Parental Leave for both mothers and fathers!

· Elevating ALL women: we continue to grow our DEI Team & efforts to create equity for women of all races, ethnicities, etc.

· Serving a need in our community: we have two pelvic floor rehabilitation specialty clinics and seven of our clinics also treat pelvic floor issues; issues that are more common in women. Our team is passionate about education, prevention, and treatment for women!

I am so incredibly proud of the women here at Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy. I’ve been working here since I was 19 years old and have truly gotten to watch all of the incredible women help lead our company while accomplishing their own personal goals along the way. I feel so blessed to be a part of a company committed to supporting women’s goals and fighting for equity for women!

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