Kjerstin Hogan

Patient Advocate

Kjerstin Hogan is a patient advocate at our Greenville location. She studied Psychology at Grand Valley State University and went to Rockford High School. Kjerstin grew up in Rockford, Michigan, and has been working with the company since 2023. She enjoys building relationships with patients and ensuring you have a great experience!

In her spare time, Kjerstin enjoys gardening, hiking, nature, and traveling.


Grand Valley State University

Rockford High School



2425 W. Washington Street, Suite B
Greenville, MI 48838

P: 616-225-2325
F: 616-225-2366

Very thorough team players, always willing to try to accommodate your work schedule, and always concerned about preventive maintenance so that you can live a life of no more injuries.

Bob B.

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