Kendra Sherd


PTA – Physical Therapist Assistant

Kendra is a licensed physical therapist assistant at our Greenville clinic. She grew up in the Greenville area and attended Baker College of Muskegon where she earned her physical therapy assistant degree in 1996. Kendra has worked in a home care setting for 22 years working with geriatrics and middle-aged patients ranging from orthopedic patients with total knee and hip replacements to neurological patients recovering from a stroke or living with Parkinson’s. She also works in a hospital swing-bed environment once a month on the weekends.

In her leisure time, Kendra enjoys spending time in the garden, making crafts, going to concerts, and enjoying time with her husband, family, and spending time with her granddaughters.


Associates Degree as Physical Therapist Assistant

Baker College of Muskegon 1996


Aquatic Therapy

Balance Training and Fall Prevention



2425 W. Washington Street, Suite B
Greenville, MI 48838

P: 616-225-2325
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When asked what made my experience at Hulst Jepsen so good, I only had two words: the people.  I was so anxious going in for my appointment but they made me feel so comfortable immediately.

Autumn G.

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