In Home Physical Therapy

Working with a Physical Therapist can have many benefits to your overall health and mobility. Physical Therapists can improve your strength, range of motion, balance, functional mobility, and help you manage pain. But what if you aren’t able to leave your home due to a physical or medical limitation? Don’t worry!

Hulst Jepsen has an entire physical therapy team called “@ Home” that can bring physical therapy services to you! Our @ Home team was established in 2019 with just 2 therapists and has grown to a total of 6 therapists treating in the greater Grand Rapids area. Our therapists possess a wide range of experience and skills and are happy to come visit you in your home to help you achieve your goals.

Who would benefit from @ Home physical therapy services? Individuals who have medical or physical limitations preventing them from leaving their homes safely. This may include:

  • Patients who recently underwent major surgery. After a major surgery, such as a total knee or hip replacement, patients are often limited in mobility and cannot safely leave the home due to pain or medication side effects. Our goal is to visit you in the home within 24-48 hours post-surgery and help you improve your functional endurance and independence to safely transition back to the community.
  • Patients of advanced age with limited mobility. If you struggle with balance and endurance and cannot safely navigate the steps in/out of your home, transfer into a car, or manage community obstacles such as curbs – @Home services may be right for you!
  • Patients who rely on others for transportation due to medical limitations. Relying on others for transportation can be a huge burden financially and logistically, so by coming into the home we can alleviate this burden and still provide quality care to patients. We not only see patients in their homes but also visit patients who reside in assisted living facilities.

There are many treatment techniques that physical therapists can perform in someone’s home!

Here are some examples:

  • Assessment of the home with recommendations that will improve safety and reduce risks for falls
  • Balance assessment and treatment
  • Pain management through manual therapy (stretching, massage)
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Endurance exercises
  • Transfer training (into the tub/shower, onto the toilet/commode, into/out of your car, in/out of your bed, from your favorite chair that you have difficulty getting out of 🙂
  • Gait training including which assistive device is best to use (walker, cane, etc)
  • Stair training
  • Medical equipment recommendations (i.e. placement of grab bars, shower chairs, toilet seat raisers, etc).

The @ Home team loves to treat patients on their “home turf”! No home is the same which makes our job so enjoyable! Providing patients care in their own homes allows us to assess the situations they encounter each day. We also love meeting your extended family members and providing them with the communication needed to help you achieve your personal goals. Ultimately our goal is to progress you to the point where you can safely enter/exit your home with confidence to allow you to return to full community involvement!

To schedule an appointment with our @ home team or for more information please call (616) 265-2414 or visit https://www.hjphysicaltherapy.com/locations/hulst-jepsen-physical-therapy-home/

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