I Have An Injury... Who Do I See? And How Do I Know If They Are Good?

When you sustain an injury the list of appropriate medical provider can be long, and there are certainly many providers out there who are competent in treating your particular injury. The greater question, and the one I want to focus on today, is not which provider to see but instead how to identify a good one for your particular situation.

First, is whether the provider is knowledgeable AND personable? Knowledge is great, but it is equally important for a provider to be able to explain things well to their patients… otherwise the information is not helpful for the patients recovery. Being a people person is great…but creating a luxurious experience for patients only gets a provider so far in caring for their patient’s injury. When it comes to looking for a good provider you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise, can communicate that knowledge in a way that you can understand, and is someone that you are comfortable with treating the one and only body that you have for this lifetime.

Second, is the importance of outlining a treatment plan that will assist in the recovery of your injury and in which YOU are a very important piece of. Any treatment plan should be measureable so both you and your provider can measure your progress. You are also looking for a provider who will show you how to assess and measure your progress though range of motion, flexibility, strength, and/or functional gains. This way you know you are getting better without even having to ask the provider.

Third, is the provider making you an integral part of the treatment plan? A good provider is empowering you, the patient, to be heavily involved in the process of your own recovery. Yes, you came to us for education, treatment interventions, etc… but a good clinician is setting you up to be successful in your own recovery. A good provider will slowly work you towards independence of him/her, NOT greater dependence on him/her.

Finally, are they attempting to be good stewards of your insurance dollars? This summarizes all of the above. A good provider is sharing the most up to date information in a way that you can understand, confirming his/her skill set as a viable treatment option. The treatment plan outlined shows progression and can be measured by both you and the clinician to track progress and limit excessive or unnecessary spending. And, you are heavily involved in the process, eliminating long term dependence on the provider and allowing you to treat yourself both now and in an instance of re-injury, saving you money.

Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy would love to be THAT provider for you. If you have experienced an injury or struggle with chronic aches/pains, don’t hesitate to call us and set up a FREE consultation that will help guide and direct you on how to improve your current condition and to learn how a physical therapist could be the right provider for you. Call any of our 14 convenient locations to learn more today!

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