How Do I Choose a Physical Therapy Office?

Does it matter? Aren’t all therapy offices alike?

The short answer is “yes”, it does matter and “no”, they are not all alike. It matters where you go, just like it matters which builder you choose for your home or where you send your children to school. Expertise, cost, accessibility and clinic atmosphere all influence your overall experience, so what questions should you ask to determine the best therapist for you?

Let’s examine a few:

  • How much experience does the therapist have with your issue?

Who would you select to do your back surgery, the surgeon who does that procedure ten times per year or ten times per month? The same applies to your therapist. Experience and expertise matter. There are multiple specialties that your therapist may or may not have, and these will influence how quickly and completely you may recover. Make sure you feel comfortable with the level of experience your therapist has regarding your specific issue.

  • What will the cost be?

Not all providers charge the same amounts for the same services. Insurances will typically reimburse the same amount no matter what is billed by the therapy office, potentially leaving you with a larger balance if your therapy office charges high rates. It is best to know cost expectations up front.

  • What size clinic is the best fit for me?

This one is all about preference. Would you rather be in a clinic that is in a large gym with 12 therapists or in a smaller clinic that has 3-5 therapists? In my experience, most patients prefer a smaller facility where they can get to know the staff and other patients. It creates more of an opportunity to create a caring, community feel.

  • Is this clinic locally owned?

You may have a therapy office located nearby your home, and we can all agree that convenience is important. Research facilities near you to see if they meet most of the criteria listed above. If they don’t meet those criteria, look into driving a little further. Make sure to ask if that clinic is locally owned. Locally owned means that your dollars stay in your community. Many physical therapy practices that were at one time locally owned have since sold to larger, national corporations but have kept their local name. Any money spent at those offices leave your community.


So, how does Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy stack up?

  • We treat all kinds of orthopedic conditions including back and neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, sprains, strains and post-surgical patients. Each of our therapists goes through training annually to further their education in order to better serve our patients. We have therapists that specialize in everything from McKenzie Method to Aquatic Therapy. Check out our website for more!
  • Our costs are among the least expensive in West Michigan. We participate with nearly all insurances. As a courtesy, we provide a cost analysis for you prior to beginning therapy so you are aware of any costs you will incur.
  • Most of our clinics have 3-5 therapists. Our clinics have a community feel, and our therapists really get to know each of their patients. As a company, we strive to build positive, professional relationships with anyone who walks through our doors.
  • We are 100% locally owned, and we intend to stay that way. We have 14 clinics located in many communities around the greater Grand Rapids area, hopefully nearby you, with our 15th opening next week!

As the consumer, you have choices. Ask some of the questions listed here to determine the best therapy practice for your specific needs. Call any of our locations to see if we can help you!

**As of 1/10/2023 Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy has 22 clinics across West Michigan!


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