3D Captured Gait Analysis

Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy utilizes the cutting-edge Helix 3D system from RunDNA with precise optical marker tracking technology and industry-leading 3D software. Our running experts use this real-time data to help athletes run smarter, stronger, and faster!

Now available at our Gaines Township clinic by appointment only!

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Wednesday mornings 8:00am-12pm

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Personalized running solutions from local physical therapists who are certified experts in gait analysis.


Why running form matters:

Performance – An optimized running form improves Running Economy, which is one of the biggest predictors of run performance.

Injuries – Address issues before they escalate by uncovering potential injury triggers early to minimize downtime.

Enjoyment – When you upgrade form with gait analysis, running often feels more enjoyable with improved efficiency.


Helix 3D – The gold standard:

RunDNA’s powerful 3D software and state-of-the-art sensor system go beyond 2D to provide our certified physical therapists with accurate and reliable data. The Helix 3D marker-based system outputs high-speed tracking with 1mm error with real-time metrics that helps our certified gait analysts asses with precision.


Open House with Live Demo:

Meet our Sports Medicine team and see this new 3D gait analysis system in action! Witness the benefits of this incredible technology with an in-depth presentation from our physical therapists and running specialists.

Stay tuned for more details!


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