Metabolic Wellness and Weight Management Program

The Metabolic Wellness and Weight Management Program focuses on overall health and well-being, using nutrition, corrective exercise, and one-on-one support and coaching. Our goal is to help each patient reduce pain and medications, lose weight, and increase strength and stamina. The program expands on the educational aspect of physical therapy, giving patients the tools they need to create lasting change in their lives, both physically and mentally.

Patients will be supervised by physical therapists and certified metabolic coaches who will review their goals and concerns and help map out their road to success. Our team determines the best way to help our patients lose weight, control their blood sugar, reset their metabolism, and provide the motivation and support they need. They will receive all the services that they normally would at a physical therapy visit.  Metabolic Wellness is included at no additional cost.

What to Expect

Your wellness team consists of YOU, your Physical Therapist and your Metabolic Specialist. Your Physical Therapist will evaluate your physical pains and/or dysfunction, and will develop a personalized treatment protocol just for you. Your therapist will work directly with your physician and your Metabolic Specialist to ensure your treatment is safe and effective for your body.

Your Metabolic Specialist will develop a personalized nutrition plan and will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your health potential.

Most or all of these services will be provided in each of your visits:

    • Stretching
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition and Diet Review
    • Motivation and Support


Who Would Benefit

Individuals who are overweight

Persistent joint pain

Neuromuscular dysfunction


Thank you for your help in my recovery. Wade and Marla have certainly helped me with their therapy after the knee surgery and the broken arm. All of you have been extremely kind as you guided me through the various exercises that have re-energized the many muscles that have helped me walk and get close to normal again. Your smiles, encouragements, the family atmosphere has been very helpful throughout the process. It starts with the smile and welcome that Kayla gives each time I walk in the door. Thanks so much to each of you for your caring attitude.


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