Ashley Oostindie

Director of Marketing

Ashley Oostindie is our director of marketing here at Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy. Ashley obtained her undergraduate degree from Penn State in advertising and public relations. Ashley grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan. Even from behind the scenes, she is ready to help make each patient’s experience at Hulst Jepsen exceptional.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys teaching dance at Hearts in Motion, camping, hiking, existing at the beach, drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, watching any sport, and spending time with her cat Coral, dog Dude, and husband Grant.

Thank you for your help in my recovery. Wade and Marla have certainly helped me with their therapy after the knee surgery and the broken arm. All of you have been extremely kind as you guided me through the various exercises that have re-energized the many muscles that have helped me walk and get close to normal again. Your smiles, encouragements, the family atmosphere has been very helpful throughout the process. It starts with the smile and welcome that Kayla gives each time I walk in the door. Thanks so much to each of you for your caring attitude.